Pages2U – Online Book Reading Service

Pay for the page you read rather than half the book you don’t


Pages2U is an online pay as you go book reading service. Authors and publishers upload their work directly through the platform, and readers pay for and read all uploaded content directly through the site.

Readers can choose to purchase the book outright or read on a pay per page basis.



2 user types: authors and readers; Purchase the whole book or pay per page as you go; Your personal bookshelf with the purchased books; Various payment options; Leave a review on any book.



Pages2U just launched.

Visit their website here.

Visit their landing page here.



Appello designed and developed the Pages2U website.



We are using the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms for usability and global scalability.

Super Admin panel
Customer Support
Stripe Payments

Another website we developed is called High Skills Training. It is a portal for expert construction training and certifications and built in association with the Australian Government of Education and Training.


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