SafeFace – Company Security

Cutting edge facial recognition technology to protect your business from biohazards, payroll theft and unwanted persons.


SafeFace is an Australian company dedicated to security and protection of your payroll and your team.

Using Australian designed and built software paired with top of the line facial recognition hardware they protect your companies’ most valuable assets.


Visit SafeFace’s website to get to the Web User App here.

To go to the Web Manager App, click here.


SafeFace took about 4 months to build as it was 3 different platforms – we first built a Web User App where users could register and obtain a QR code, then that QR code is used for the 2nd platform – a Mobile SafeFace App where we use facial recognition technology to verify users’ identity.

The app was custom-built for the specific hardware provided by SafeFace team, which also has a separate camera to measure the temperature (in light of covid-19) and inform the employees and the managers if their temperature is high/normal/low. 

A 3rd platform is a Web Manager App, where managers see all the logs of the employee screenings and temperatures with a timestamp. You could say it was an admin panel for managers of the office building where the device is installed. Lastly, we also had a super admin panel for the SafeFace team to see what was happening across ALL Manager Apps and also access all the photo objects.


We are using the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms for usability and global scalability.

React Native for the Mobile SafeFace Facial Recognition App
React.JS for the Web User and Web Manager Apps
Python Django Framework for backend
AWS Servers/Instances
Super Admin Panel

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