Meet our Commercial Director, Marco Viglione

The importance of a Commercial Director’s role can never be overstated as they are entrepreneurial, collaborative, and central to any project. Executives that oversee the performance and subsequent expansion of the business are known as Commercial Directors. They take the helm of initiatives pertaining to the company’s commercial aspect. Commercial Directors research the most recent trends in the business industry as well as the overall economy. They research their target market as well. With the use of this research, they devise strategies to guarantee that a company’s performance won’t suffer while they navigate the shifting market environment.

What are the main responsibilities of your role as Commercial Director?

I am responsible for all commercial activities of Appello, finding new ways to drive company growth and revenue. My commercial managers and I work closely with clients to understand their business, industry, competitors, customers, and challenges so that we can advise on the digital solution that is the best fit for their requirements.

How do you go about finding new avenues to expand operations and generate revenue?

Appello has valuable experience and has become experts in five key industry verticals: Healthcare, Education and Training, Consumer/Retail, Real Estate and Property, and Finance. I currently split our focus across both new and existing clients in these markets. We understand a lot of the fundamental challenges that most companies in these industries face, and we have developed many custom solutions to address those challenges. When we combine that knowledge with research into new markets, trends and innovations, it puts us in a unique position to identify and advise both new and our existing clients on how we can help make their business more efficient, profitable, and ready for the future.

How do you identify the risks and rewards of a project?

Understanding all the risks and rewards associated with a project can be challenging before a project kicks off. From a technical standpoint, time and budget are generally seen as the key risks to a project’s success, however commercial management is not just about the technical application, it’s also about reading the market, and the end users and thinking beyond the project with a belief that truly innovative solutions are made through continuous learning and the sharing of ideas with the client. 

Where will technology be in five years and how will we adapt?

Some of the leading technologies that I think will have the biggest impact on economies include Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and Blockchain. These technologies could have huge benefits for many companies, but they will also create big challenges. As a company, we are constantly looking to the future to learn and educate ourselves on what is coming but also how it can be applied to our client’s projects.

As a Commercial Director, how do you stay abreast of current trends in business and technology?

Nothing beats speaking with clients directly to understand the biggest challenges facing their businesses and industries. We regularly attend and speak at industry expos, forums, and events to grow our network and we also collaborate with various innovation/incubator hubs and various universities to be on the cutting edge of what new technologies and innovations are in the pipeline.

What makes an exceptional Commercial Director?

I think what makes an exceptional Commercial Director is having an entrepreneurial mentality with good leadership skills. Being able to find commercial opportunities where others cannot is a powerful skill, but also being able to successfully collaborate with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to achieve those goals makes the difference. Being a supportive and understanding leader is hugely important too; I want all my staff to have a good work-life balance and feel that they can come to me with any problem, which in the long run improves productivity, trust, and morale.

What drives and motivates you?

I’m driven by the knowledge that what we do at Appello helps to improve people’s lives every day, from the technology we build for our customers, to the lifestyle and opportunities provided to our employees. We’re the tip of the spear when it comes to new ideas in technology, presenting us with amazing opportunities for expansion and growth. Life is about being happy and achieving bigger things than ourselves, and at Appello, we do that together. What motivates me is seeing Appello grow, attracting and working with some of the smartest minds the world has to offer, and solving real-world problems by providing the best service to our clients.

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations are facing regarding developing new technology solutions?

Nowadays technology is inextricably linked with a company’s business objectives, which means that there is a higher demand for IT and technology leaders to be more involved in the overall strategy of the company and subsequently they need to undertake heavier workloads than ever before. This is the same for almost all companies now, so there is huge competition for quality developers that you can trust. Thankfully Appello has a growing team of some of the best quality developers and engineers that I’ve ever come across, so our clients can truly rely on us for all their development needs without the stress or risk of trying to hire highly skilled resources.

How do you think companies should decide which technology partner to select?

There are three areas they should focus on; firstly, the past experience. What is the standard and quality of digital products that have been designed and built in the past? Secondly, client feedback. What do their past clients say about the way they work and their experience? Lastly, the team makeup. Is the development team in-house or outsourced? At Appello we do not outsource any work, so we can control the speed and quality of the work as well as give our clients direct access to the team

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