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Welcome to S30, your all-in-one solution for fitness franchises and their members. Our web and mobile app revolutionize the way franchises manage their workouts, memberships, and subscriptions, while providing a seamless experience for end users to participate in their fitness journey.

For Franchises: Our web app offers an intuitive platform where fitness franchises can streamline their operations. Franchise owners can easily sign up and create an account to access a wide range of features. With just a few clicks, they can effortlessly edit workout schedules, ensuring that their members are always up-to-date with the latest classes and training sessions. Our user-friendly interface allows franchise owners to manage their members efficiently, with the ability to view and track member data, such as attendance, progress, and preferences. Additionally, franchises can manage subscription plans effortlessly, making it convenient for members to choose and upgrade their memberships, all in one centralized location.

For Members: Our mobile app provides an exceptional fitness experience for end users. Members can conveniently sign up, creating their personalized profiles to kickstart their fitness journey. The app allows users to select their preferred franchise, giving them access to a variety of workout options tailored to their fitness goals. Our extensive range of subscription plans caters to diverse needs and preferences, enabling members to choose the perfect plan for their fitness journey. Whether it’s yoga, strength training, or high-intensity workouts, our mobile app provides a seamless interface for members to participate in their selected workouts, ensuring they never miss a beat.

With S30, franchises and members can easily connect and achieve their fitness goals. Our platform fosters a strong sense of community, empowering franchises to deliver top-notch training experiences, and enabling members to thrive in their fitness endeavours.

Join us today and experience the future of fitness management with S30!



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React Native (iOS & Android)
ReactJS (front-end web)
Python 3 Django Framework for backend
AWS Cloud infrastructure
Super Admin panel

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