Nearmap – Aerial Photos

Aerial photos in conducting captivating experiments


Welcome to our innovative web application designed to unlock the potential of aerial photos in conducting captivating experiments. With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, users can embark on a journey of discovery, while admins can effortlessly manage and create engaging experiments.

Key Features:

  1. Admin Panel: Our web application offers a comprehensive admin panel where administrators can easily create and manage experiments. Admins can add experiment names, upload relevant aerial images, and create thought-provoking questions to engage users.
  2. Experiment Creation: Admins have the flexibility to design experiments that captivate and challenge users. By utilizing aerial photos, they can create visually immersive experiences that inspire exploration and critical thinking.
  3. Image Upload: The admin panel enables seamless image uploading, allowing administrators to upload high-quality aerial photos for use in experiments. These images serve as the foundation for user participation and facilitate a unique learning environment.
  4. Question Generation: Admins can create intriguing questions related to each experiment, encouraging users to analyze the aerial photos and provide insightful responses. The question-based approach promotes active engagement and helps users develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  5. User Sign-Up/Sign-In: Users can easily sign up or sign in to the web application, creating personalized profiles that enable them to participate in quests and track their progress. This feature ensures a seamless user experience and encourages ongoing engagement.
  6. Participate in Quests: Once signed in, users gain access to a wide range of quests based on the experiments created by admins. These quests provide a captivating and interactive way to explore the aerial photos, answer questions, and discover new perspectives.

Experience the power of aerial photos in a whole new light with our web application. Engage in captivating experiments, challenge your critical thinking skills, and unlock hidden insights. Admins can effortlessly manage experiments, upload images, and create thought-provoking questions to create an immersive learning experience.


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Appello made a full UX and UI design and full web application development.

The team of designers, back-end and front-end engineers as well as a QA engineer led by our project manager.



We are using the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms for usability and global scalability.

MySQL database
Django REST framework
Super Admin panel

We have developed other similar industrial apps like BusDirections and Hanson.

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