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POS mobile app and tablet for food trucks


Where The Truck puts all of your favourite Food Trucks on the one map every day, making your search for lunch & dinner a whole lot truckin’ easier.

Discover which of our 500+ Food Trucks are roaming the streets close to you; pinpoint their exact location via the interactive map, explore their individual menus, order whichever delicacies tingle your taste buds and pay for your meal – all without stepping a foot outside! All that is left to do then, is to collect your meal!

Where The Truck also offers the ability to book a Food Truck for your next function, a loyalty rewards program putting ‘Truck Bucks’ back into your pocket and keeps you up to date with all the latest news and offers.

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Download iOS customer app here.

Download Android customer app here.

Download Food Vendor tablet here.

Visit their landing page here.


Our challenge was designing a simple to use mobile app for customers and chefs to connect transparently in the marketplace. To solve this problem, we moved purchases into a simple display that allows a direct line of communication between chef and customer.

We provided full service to the client, first designing wireframes and prototype design in 2019. Our design team created Chez branding, UI and illustrations. We then created the Chez website and chef signup forms. Our software developers started building mobile apps for chefs and customers in mid-2019.


We used the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend mobile apps and tablet for POS.

React Native (iOS & Android)
Python Django For Backend
AWS Servers/Instances
Google Maps API
PostgreSQL Database
Super Admin panel
Customer Support
Email & Notifications

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