Top 10 AI-Based Healthcare Apps

We compiled some of the top AI-Based apps to inspire your healthcare business.

Top 10 AI-Based Healthcare Apps:

1. Buoy:

Buoy is an intelligent symptom checker. It listens and helps you make sense of symptoms as well as clarify your options for care.

2. Hucu.ai:

Hucu.ai is a free and secure patient-centered messaging network with real-time risk rating and staff appreciation.

3. SkinVision:

SkinVision helps you assess skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer.

4. Sensely:

A virtual reality nursing assistant avatar that checks in with the patient, records the results, then funnels them back to the physicians. The company intelligently guides members to insurance services & healthcare resources.

5. Binah.ai:

Real-time, medical grade vital signs measurements using only a laptop, smartphone or tablet camera.

6. Ada AI Doctor:

Supporting better health outcomes and clinical excellence with intelligent technology.

7. Peri:

A pre-operative app that brings EMRs to life. Clear documentation and helpful reminders keep patients on track.

8. Pepid:

Pepid is built on an information extraction system that holds info for more than 3000 clinical conditions and images. It’s clinical decision support platform.

9. 24/7 Appointments App:

Created by Babylon, this app combines cutting edge AI and broader technologies with the best human expertise to re-engineer a better model of healthcare.

10. Zebra Medical Vision:

A deep-learning medical imaging analytics company. They are attending the 106th Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) this year. The company is presenting its AI solutions with its global partners for the 6th year in a row.

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