The Vital Importance of HealthTech Innovation

You may have noticed that HealthTech is changing rapidly in healthcare, but did you know that it also saves lives? The healthcare industry today uses a variety of technical tools to address a wide range of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. 

Our dependence on medical technology solutions is increasing in a way that we have never seen before. The World Health Organisation states that the use and scale up of digital health solutions can revolutionise how people worldwide achieve higher standards of health, and access services to promote and protect their health and well-being.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics are becoming commonplace. 

Artificial Intelligence

The health industry is slowly trying to make it easier for people to use often complicated services, and this will certainly streamline processes.

Healthcare professionals rely on artificial intelligence in their jobs and as more and more areas of healthcare become automated, healthcare professionals are working to acquire technological skills that were not needed in the past. If anything is valuable that solves problems and simplifies processes, it is the technology that breaks them down. 


According to Adrian Rawlinson, a California-based sports medicine specialist, “The appeal of telemedicine isn’t just that it makes things easier (though it certainly can). Telehealth is a unique and necessary new approach to healthcare that allows providers the freedom to administer the care that works best for both them and for their patients, and it gives patients greater flexibility in managing their health. The future (of the industry) lies in virtual care, and virtual care teams.” 

Wearable Health Technology

Growing demand for wearable health technology has generated a booming market, and now insurers and companies are seeing how supplying wearables to their consumers and employees is beneficial.

According to Extreme Tech, digital health wearables were already big news at CES 2020, but interest has accelerated with the advent of COVID-19 and people’s interest in learning whether they might be getting sick.

Mobile Health Applications

Appello Software developed an app called ZenDoctor that provides on-demand access to a range of psychologists & personal wellness professionals from across Australia. 

Another connected health app developed by Appello called Foxo, is a powerful messaging tool for hospitals, doctors and nurses.

The Future of HealthTech

To succeed in an innovative environment, the lifeline of health organisations is determined by their ability to solve business problems.

The dissemination of data is of enormous importance for the future of health technology and is driving the growth of the health information technology sector. This progress is far from being stopped, and healthcare companies will need to keep pace with these trends to remain relevant.  

Innovation in health technology has the potential to transform services, improve health outcomes and, most importantly, save lives.  

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