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​​Appello Software is an Australian-based software firm that specialises in providing high-quality mobile & web software development and design services
to startups and large enterprises alike.

Advantages of Great Software Design

Design really matters. And thats why you need a top-class UX/UI Design:


Software with a great design is more adaptable. As a result, you can add a new component to current software without impacting it.


Reusability is improved by well-designed software. Since the system will be more modular, consisting of small components that each do a single purpose. As a result, these little components can be simply reused.

Better User Experience

By using professional UI/UX designers who do extensive user research to solve potential problems within the software will ensure a better user experience, customer loyalty and trustworthiness.

Increased Cost-efficiency

Investing in proper software design before developing will ensure no costly dead-ends and restarts. Appello’s team of designers will provide you with a proof of concept to give you a better overall experience of how the software will work.

Software Design Process

The design phase of software development is involved with converting user requirements as defined in the SRS documents
into a format that can be implemented using a programming language. The software design process can be broken down
into three layers of design phases:

Architectural Design

The system’s most abstract version. The designers gain
an overview of the proposed solution domain at this

High-level Design

The focus of high-level design is on how the system and
all of its components can be implemented as modules. It
identifies each sub-modular system’s structure, as well
as their relationship and interaction with one another.

Detailed Design

Detailed design goes into greater depth about modules
and their implementations. It specifies the logical
structure of each module as well as their communication
interfaces with other modules.


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