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My Charity Change is a round-up charity app. My Charity Change iOS and Android apps rounds-up your daily transactions in order to donate to charities in Australia.

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Our challenge was designing a simple to use mobile app for users to easily add their card, authorise online banking to receive latest transactions, allow users to choose charity organisations, and set up auto donations. My Charity Change is Australia’s first round-up charity app.

We provided full service to the client, first designing wireframes and prototype design in 2019. Our design team created My Charity Change app designs, mobile frontend, and backend development for 3 months.


We used the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms. You can see other apps such as Where The Truck which use similar technology.

React Native (iOS & Android)
Python Django Framework For Backend
AWS Servers/Instances
Google Firebase
Basic API
Super Admin panel
Stripe Payments

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