Meet our UI/UX Designer, Maria

Meet Appello’s UI/UX designer, Maria, who is extremely creative, driven and always ready to solve any design challenge. 

No matter if she is designing mobile applications, websites, landing pages, web apps or responsive websites, our clients are always impressed by Maria’s design skills. 

      1. Tell us about a project that you’re most proud of?

        I think it’s Give+Get. This project is about tapping into that natural human desire to help others; “Give”, while at the same time joining a community of active people who complete amazing challenges and reap the rewards they offer; “Get”.

      2. What Made You Go Into UX Design?

        I wanted to become a designer since I was a kid and constantly imagine ways to improve the world around you. Curiosity and desire to know or learn something brought me to studying UI/UX design. I started on some design courses where I learned how to cover all aspects of the person’s experience including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

        It’s all about diving deep into the research, planning of user journeys through an app or website and understanding that your work helps others. That’s truly inspiring to know that you can make a positive difference to the world.

      1. What do you think will be the next big thing in mobile and web design?

        I believe that mobile and web design is moving in the way of implementing more 3D technologies and virtual reality. Also, Artificial intelligence is starting to give a great impact to make processes several times faster and it is growing more and more.

      1. What do you think makes the design of an application successful?

        When you get up in the morning quite sleepy and pick up your phone and start using an app without thinking “How can I do that?”. Many people have short attention spans and if you make your app difficult to navigate then they will lose interest fast.

      1. What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations are facing regarding designing new technology solutions?

        For me it’s about an absence of clear direction or multiple directions. The challenge lies in staying focused, and a clear problem statement definitely helps.

    1. Where do you go for UX design inspiration?

      I try to take user journeys on other products, searching for interesting solutions, trying to figure out what was included in this decision. It helps to gain knowledge and use these patterns in your designs.


    Give & Get app designed and developed by appello
    Give&Get – Designed & Developed by Appello Software

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