Meet our Project Manager, Asema

Get to know Asema, an effective Project Manager who can articulate the vision to her team members very well. She has great leadership skills and easily adapts to changes that may come the team’s way.

She is also very good at empowering people and enabling them to discover their own abilities and talents.

  1. What is your favourite project you’ve managed? My favourite project is Voken. This is the app that lets people share and arrange childcare with families they trust. Voken keeps things fair and simple and allows users to enjoy time off without the hassle and cost of finding a babysitter.
  2. How long have you been in the industry? I have been working in the industry for almost two years as a project manager.
  3. Highlight your key leadership principles? I believe that a people-based approach, proactivity and establishing vision of the project are my key leadership principles.
  4. Which tech are you most excited about? Currently, I am working on a project with AR (Augmented Reality) technology. AR superimposes an image onto a user’s view of the real world and enhances it with sound and touch. It is a very interesting technology for me, as in my opinion, AR is blurring the lines of reality.
  5. In your opinion, what makes a successful app? The success of the project depends on many factors, but the most important thing in my opinion is the team. People working together make successful apps, and first thing for me as a project manager is to make sure that team is effectively working together, everyone is involved and works towards one direction.
  6. What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations are facing regarding developing new technology solutions? In our industry we learn something new everyday. The biggest challenge is time.
  7. How do you ensure maximum productivity is achieved by your team in a project? I think giving ownership to the team members, letting them make their own decisions and being accountable for their work increases the productivity. This way each member understands their value as well as their responsibilities. Also, the work atmosphere is important. The team members need to feel comfortable working with each other, feeling free to share their ideas/ initiatives.

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