Meet our CTO, Greg

Get to know our chief technology officer with his wit and love for all things technology. Greg is a vibrant and vital part of the team and we love having him at Appello!

    1. What is your favourite project you’ve helped develop?

      One of my favourite projects was My Charity Change, because it teaches people for their own benefit (investments), and also involves donation for good cause. Basically, a Win-Win!


    1. What type of developer are you?

      I am the best multi purpose tool. Started career as a full stack developer/consultant, ended up solving any types of technical tasks, even some work with clients closing the gap of understanding of tech stuff. Happy about everything I’m doing as a CTO!


    1. How long have you been in the industry?

      Been working in IT since 2013, and glad I started relatively early!


    1. Which tech are you most excited about?

      I’m always excited about anything that makes life easier, and saves time in the long run, even if it’s just a simple automation software for smartphone. It should be seamless and user-friendly though, so that even your drunk deaf grandma could use it while driving! And not have to know how it works internally!


    1. In your opinion, what makes a successful app?

      A killer app could sell & promote itself just by being great and having self-sufficient user base. And the marketing/sales only increases the existing user base and potential value of the company that’s already giving some results. But a great app should never rely fully just on a marketing budget. There are some context-specific exceptions, of course.


  1. What is your favourite thing about working at Appello

    Appello is one of the first ever fully remote companies. Technically, there were no transition during the virus outbreak, and our employees and their families were ever so happy about having such stable workplace, without the need to worry about losing projects or even a job. There are many other innovative, future-proof practices at Appello, that, I believe, will also become paid off in near the future.

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