Meet our Chief Operating Officer, Yaro Zolotarev

Meet our Chief of Operations, Yaro, a Zen Project Manager, and Digital Marketing Rockstar. Yaro has worked in the digital space for more than ten years, having built his very first website while he was still in primary school. Yaro studied Public Relations but with a keen interest in all things digital marketing, he started a digital agency as his first business right after graduation. Building digital solutions and promoting them to the target audience has always been his key focus and interest. We love that he can use his knowledge and experience and provide best solutions to our clients and their users.

What does A Chief Operating Officer do?

Overall, I can describe it as: “To do everything to get nothing to do.” My focus is on improving business processes and automation, and risk management.

What are the most important aspects of company culture?

To be human with people around. I think it’s one of the core values within our company culture. Everyone is friendly and we work as a close-knit family, regardless of the size of the team everyone should feel love and support. We believe such an atmosphere brings out the best in people and they’re able to tap into 100% of their potential.

What is the most essential aspect of managing a corporate budget?

To keep track of income and expenses and aim to minimize expenses when it’s possible and maximize profit. But without fanaticism. It sounds simple but one always needs to go deeper into details and find all what’s, how’s, and whys.

What are your three biggest accomplishments?

I built the best company in software development in Australia; I am proud that some of our most talented team members were recruited during the time when I was solely responsible for the HR department; we successfully released 100+ projects with happy clients. Of course, all these things were achieved not only by me but through team effort. The best accomplishment is when some remarkable thing happens without my participation, and I see how our team can manage everything by themselves.

How have you overcome the barriers you’ve encountered in the past to attaining company goals?

I can’t really define any “barriers” we faced. We are agile and the proper Project Management is a key to everything, so – everything gets sorted into goals, projects, and tasks. All tasks get done, the project is finished, and goals are achieved.

What drives and motivates you?

I run on nature, my kids and family, music, and of course, on overviewing how well our company is and how happy our team is. Feeling that we can make more people happy: by collaborating with us, partnering with us, or using our products, drives me to go further.

What do you think are the biggest challenges organisations are facing regarding developing innovative technology solutions?

The biggest challenge is to define the right goals, put together the proper team which can realize the project, and do the research first. Many “recent technologies” have already been released but somehow didn’t have success. So, you need to find the best answer for yourself and market why your “recent technology” will be successful, and stick with it.

How do you think companies should decide which technology partner to select?

I believe everything should start from research. Consider as many options as possible, look at their reviews, review their works and quality, compare pricing, and define which option is the best for your project.

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