Give + Get – Charity Challenger App

Bringing charitable giving into the mobile era


Give + Get is all about tapping into that innate human desire to help others; “Give”, while at the same time joining a community of active people who complete amazing challenges and reap the rewards they offer; “Get”.

Bringing charitable giving into the modern era with the latest mobile application technology, and linking it to the growing popularity of people participating in challenges for a cause.

How it works: Complete challenges and raise funds; Donate straight to charities; Make it onto the leaderboard.


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Download the iOS App here.

Download the Android App here.

Visit Give + Get’s landing page here.




Appello did a full development including app design services. This project took our team 4 months to complete and we will maintain and build new features in the future.

The app was designed by our UI/UX designers, and the development team consisted of a back and front-end engineer as well as a QA engineer led by our project manager, Jikek.



We are using the most advanced technology stack for backend and frontend algorithms for usability and global scalability.

React Native (iOS & Android)
Django REST framework
AWS Servers/Instances
Google Firebase
Twilio Integration
Super Admin panel

We developed another charity doing very well called My Charity Change.

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