Foxo – Powerful Doctors Communication

A powerful messaging tool for hospitals, doctors and nurses


Foxo is Australia’s leading app for healthcare professionals. Foxo is an advanced cross messaging, video and voice sharing platform that connects all staff in one simple to use the platform across mobile, tablet and desktop.


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We worked directly with Foxo’s in-house technical team to develop the frontend mobile apps for Android and iOS with a rapid timeframe of development turn-over.


We developed earlier versions of Foxo with the use of Vue Native as the frontend from 2019 until April 2020. The current production version is now built by Foxo in-house developers.

Foxo is in beta and will be rolled out across Australia and the global as the gold standard healthcare collaboration and communication tool. Learn more about Foxo the app for healthcare professionals.


We used the most advanced technology stack for rapid native frontend development across all platforms.


VueNative (iOS & Android)
ExpressJS For Backend
AWS Cloud infrastructure
Mongo DataBase
Firebase integration

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