FinTech Software Development

The term “fintech” refers to emerging technology that aims to enhance and simplify the distribution and use of financial services. Many products and services, including risk and asset management, transactions, forecasts, insurance, payment gateways, loans, trading, and banking services, can be provided via FinTech platforms.

Benefits of Custom Financial Software

  • Latest Technology
  • Personalisation and Customisation
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Scalability

Our FinTech Development Services

Fintech UX/UI Design

Our world-class app designers balance simplicity, creativity and security when it comes to a financial services application.

Financial apps

Mobile solutions for personal budgeting and investment to increase customer experience & personalisation.

Custom Financial Software

Task-oriented software or a mobile solution custom designed as per client specification.

Financial Technology Solution Examples

1. Fintech Payment Solutions

Software and other modern technologies used by businesses that provide automated and imporoved financial services. Entailing innovative payment solutions such as Mobile Payments for customers.

2. Big Data Solutions & Data Analytics

Applying advanced analytic techniques to very broad, complex data sets that include structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, as well as data from various sources and sizes ranging from terabytes to zettabytes.

3. Digital Banking Services & Mobile Banking

A bank or other financial institution’s service that allows customers to make financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based fintech Solutions

From credit decisions to quantitative trading and financial risk management, AI is assisting the financial sector in streamlining and optimizing processes.

5. Regulatory Technology (RegTech) Software

Which uses cloud computing technologies and software-as-a-service (SaaS) to assist businesses in complying with regulations in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

6. Biometric Solutions

Can be used to identify individuals. For example, fingerprint mapping, facial recognition, and retina scans are all forms of biometric technology.

7. Open Banking APIs

A blockchain-based concept that proposes that third parties should have access to bank data to develop applications that link financial institutions and third-party providers.

8. Insurtech Software Solutions

Through app deployment or becoming totally digital, the insurance sector can profit from lower costs, better targeting, and eliminating confusion between insurance companies and their customers.

Some of our work

Appello helps educational institutions and businesses of all sizes implement new learning methods using cutting-edge technology by providing custom FinTech software development services.

Wilsons Hedge Fund App

pNeura Entrepreneurs Network App

Collect More Debt App

My Charity Change App


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