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Education technology (EdTech) is evolving and changing to fit the learner of the modern world. It incorporates immersive content and offers a high degree of interactivity to users. These two characteristics set them apart from conventional teaching methods. Implementation of new technologies is a cost-effective alternative for educational institutions that want to organize information and data about their students.

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Benefits of
e-Learning Technology

  • Better usability
  • Integration with better LMS
  • Low maintenance
  • Structured design
  • Better security

Our Education Development Services

Education software

Software solutions aimed at data management and improved education delivering quality.

Education apps

Mobile solutions for tracking progress, better engagement and communication.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions

Task-oriented software or a mobile solution custom designed as per client specification.

Education Technology Solution Examples

1. Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile learning, also referred to as M-Learning, or mobile training, is education and training provided through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Learning apps make learning fun and engaging by combining new mobile technology, gamification, psychology, and best teaching practices.

2. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have become a part of many students’ and employees’ lives. Educational institutions and companies may use eLearning to offer personalised, open, and scalable learning to their students. Universities can now host online courses, administer assessments, monitor student progress, and much more thanks to Learning Management Systems.

3. Skills Assessment Solutions

Skills Assessment Software helps companies evaluate the abilities of prospective employees. Interviews are conducted using professional skills testing to determine candidates’ proficiency in the skills needed for the role. Artificial intelligence technology comes in very handy when you have assessment needs in your software.

4. Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) are systems that combine technologies and structures to support the four KM processes (discovery, capture, sharing, application). KMS’s are divided into four categories: Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Capture, Knowledge Sharing, and Knowledge Application.

5. School Management Systems

As an automation tool, School Management Software simplifies certain aspects of a school’s daily operations. Options for managing inventories, school supply orders, building repairs, and other activities can be included in more complex management systems.

6. Professional Training Platforms

Education organizations and learning and development teams use Training Management Systems to streamline their operations. Users may use these tools to develop, coordinate, scale, and manage training programs.

7. e-Learning Portals

e-Learning portals are a great example of a learner-centred solution. A learning platform is essentially an online information sharing tool. A learning portal aids students in rapidly locating the information they need. Interact with various forms of curated learning material in some cases.

8. AR/VR expertise

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are technologies that link the digital and physical worlds. They help you to visually absorb knowledge and material in the same way as you do in the real world. By integrating an interactive audio-visual feature, Augmented and Virtual Reality education apps will make the process of explaining complex concepts easier.

Some of our work

Appello helps educational institutions and businesses of all sizes implement new learning methods using cutting-edge technology by providing custom EdTech software development services.

Vidya – Share Video Courses

Online courses marketplace for teachers and students

HST — High Skills Training Portal

A web app to easily enrol to new government courses

Voken – Shared Childcare App

Voken lets people arrange childcare with families they trust, earn tokens and use for you own requests.


pNeura – Entrepreneurs Network

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