8 Carbon Tracking & Renewable Energy Apps

In support of Earth Month, we did market research and analysis about the carbon tracking & renewable energy applications that are currently available.

There is a big gap in the market for carbon footprint and CO2 tracking, climate impact as well as energy saving apps.

Here are the Top 8 Carbon tracking & renewable energy apps to inspire new innovations.

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Australia-based Carbon & Climate Apps:

Carbon Thumbprint App

Carbon Thumbprint is an augmented reality platform that uses data modelling to calculate the size and effect of each individual’s personal carbon footprint stemming from their mobile data usage. It has been developed by Belong, the Telstra-owned telecommunications company that is the first in Australia to gain carbon neutral accreditation.


ClimateWatch gives every Australian the opportunity to get involved in collecting and recording data that will help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change. It aims to understand how changes in temperature and rainfall are affecting the seasonal behaviour of Australia’s plants and animals by monitoring changes in flowering times, breeding cycles and migration movement.

Global Carbon Tracking & Renewable Energy Apps:

The Capture App

Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker. Capture is a free-to-use CO2 tracker that helps you learn more about emissions from everyday mobility and dietary choices.


Klima calculates your carbon footprint and neutralise 100% of your CO2 emissions in just three minutes. How? By funding science-based climate projects that capture or prevent the same emissions elsewhere. Next, learn how to shrink your own footprint sustainably and watch your positive impact grow.

Energy Tracker

With Energy Tracker, you can easily add, manage and evaluate meter readings. You can simply record your consumption of electricity, water, gas and heat.


100% carbon-neutral groceries with GreenSwapp. Track, reduce & offset the climate impact of your company’s food purchases.

Good Energy

Good Energy is tackling climate change by generating and supporting renewable energy. Their electricity is 100% renewable, generated in the UK from sun, wind and water. Their gas is carbon neutral. Pioneered support for people generating their own clean electricity.

Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity Cost Calculator is an ideal application if you have electrical equipment and want to know how much it costs. Or if you want to buy an electrical device and calculate it’s electricity consumption or cost.

According to 9News, Australia’s Morrison government has pledged another $565.8 million towards cleaner technologies. This is linked to their “technology investment roadmap” goal of investing in priority technologies such as clean hydrogen, low-cost energy storage and low-carbon materials.

If you’ve been inspired to develop new apps to fight climate change, contact Appello Software for a quote. Visit our website and view some of our work here.


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