MiniPaws – Track Your Pet’s Health

Mobile app for pet lovers!


MiniPaws is a concept design to track your pet’s health, manage medication in a simple to use mobile app.

We leveraged the client’s career veterinarian background to design a concept that cleverly captures the user experience of a customer with their pet from Vet to Home.

The petcare care industry is $225 billion thanks to millennials delay marriage and babies while turning to pets to ‘fill that void’.

A question to the client: Overall project feedback, how was it?

Appello Software developed a warm and comfortable design, suited for our customers.


Appello designed the product with the client to capture perfectly the requirements for the project.


We used Sketch and Figma to design.

  • React Native (iOS & Android)
  • Node.JS For Backend
  • AWS Servers/Instances
  • Mongo DataBase
  • Google Map API
  • Medication DataBase

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