Android App Development

​​Appello Software is an Australian-based software firm that specialises in providing high-quality and cost-effective mobile app development services to startups and large enterprises alike.

Android App Developers in Australia

58% of Australian apps are available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. Whether deciding to develop a native Android app or cross-platform, Appello’s team of professionals will assist on your project from start to finish.
Here are a few benefits of Android App Development:

Open Source

While utilizing Android OS, you are not required to purchase any licenses or pay any other fees because the platform is open source.

Advanced Customization

When developing native solutions, flexibility to create custom solutions are easier since all the tools and features available in the operating system can be utilised.

Easy to Integrate

Android is the most adaptable platform for integrating applications into any system, whether it’s a multimedia platform or a data management tool. The ability to connect seamlessly enhances application performance as well.

Largest OS Market Share

Controlling the market by 73%, Android is still the largest mobile operating system worldwide meaning access to a greater audience is available.

App Development Process

The app development process contains several steps and involves multiple teams.
Here is an overview:

Innovative UI/UX Design

After receiving the client brief, our team of UI/UX designers create user flows, UX wireframes and design mockups with interactive prototypes for the client to get a real indication of how the app will look and function. Finally, the UI design gets approved.

Quality Agile Development

Once sprint planning development has been completed, our team of experienced front-end and back-end developers will build the app and perform quality checks with the QA team.

Ready. Set. Launch.

We collect user data and feedback after the production goes live which we use to improve and build new features. Continued support is provided with several marketing services available to make sure your app is a success.


In hindsight, I would have asked them to do the project management
from the get-go.

Simon Farrow

CIO of Walker Corp

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